Took the CrossFit Kids seminar this weekend.  Would highly recommend this to anyone, even if you don’t ever plan on training kids!  Too much good stuff.

A)  Front squat to heavy set of 5

320 x 2

IDK… Haven’t front squatted heavy in a while, did a bunch of thrusters and airdyne yesterday and the day before, but who knows.  Should be able to get that for 5.  Next time.

B)  Overhead squat to heavy set of 3

255 x 1

Same thing

C)  For time:

Wall ball shot x 50

Pull-up x 30

Wall ball shot x 35

Pull-up x 25

Wall ball shot x 20

Pull-up x 20


Immediately in to,

AMRAP in 2 minutes of:  Muscle-ups


Need to work on these big time, especially when i’m tired.


Here’s a video of some training from a few weeks ago



A)  Back squat to heavy set of 5

410×5 (+5)

“it ain’t pretty, but it works”


B)  Back squat 1xMAX @ 275

16 (+1)

C)  2012 Open workout 12.3

AMRAP in 18 minutes:

Box jump x 15 (24)

Push press x 12 (115)

Toes to bar x 9


Didn’t even get close to my 2012 score.  Felt pretty bad in the gym today after the squats.  It happens.  I know that I can crush my old score, just wasn’t my day today.  Felt tired like I just did Fran the entire time!

10/26 Team Life As Rx Clash of The CrossFitters recap!

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend Jane and I signed up for a one man, one woman team competition in Carlsbad.  Thought this would be pretty cool as we’ve never done one before with just us.  Took two full rest days before the event.  While we didn’t place on the podium, I had an awesome day at the event and accomplished all of my goals.

Showed up promptly at 8 and plopped our stuff down on the asphalt.  The weather was ideal for gettin yo fitnezz on.  Cool and overcast with a slight chance of biceps.  After missing the brief for the initial workout due to an emergency bathroom break (too much espresso) I was the last athlete to the workout area for the start.  It ain’t easy being in the first heat!


AMRAP in 8 minutes:

100 accumulated wall ball shots (one partner throws, one holds a handstand, switch as needed) 20/14

44 burpees over the box (switch every 2 reps) 24/20

Total score:  172 (or 174?)

Personal goal:  Stick with the handstand transition plan.  Done.

We were the first off the wall balls after sticking to our game plan of switching spots every 25 reps.  No problems there.  Made it to the burpees of the box and realized how hard I really suck when Jane was moving faster than I could comprehend.  We made it back to the wall balls with a minute or so left and got another 25 reps (I think).

Replenishing with some protein, BCAAs and gummy bears, we hung out and watched everyone else go until the briefing for the second workout..


Female takes 5 minutes to find a 1RM hang clean and jerk

Male takes 5 minutes to find a 1RM hang snatch

Jane:  180

Me:  225

Personal goal:  Hit 225.  Done.

Super stoked about this one.  This is the same weight I hit in training when I was fresh.

Lunch break, more food and shenanigans, realized after I ate a bunch of donuts that we were 5 minutes from starting the third workout… (oops)



WOD 3 (aka the bane of my existence)

For time: 

400 m run


Partner A(Me) – 21 thrusters 65/95 then Partner B(Jane) – 21 pull ups

Partner A – 15 thrusters then Partner B – 15 pull ups

Partner A – 9 thrusters then Partner B – 9 pull ups

Partner B – 21 thrusters then Partner A – 21 pull ups

Partner B – 15 thrusters then Partner A – 15 pull ups

Partner B – 9 thrusters then Partner A – 9 pull ups


4 rounds total - partners alternate rounds

20 KB sumo high pulls 35/53

10 plate against chest lunges 35/45

8 clapping plyo push ups


DNF (adjusted time was like 15:27 or something)

Personal goal:  Thrusters unbroken.  Done.

Last or second to last ones in from the run (I was just going for a stroll), and first ones to finish Fran.  Did all of my thrusters unbroken and broke the pull-ups once or twice just for a second.  The second part CRUSHED me.  I really wanted to be done after the Fran.  Pretty bitter about that one.  I never thought SDHP with a 1.5 pood kettlebell could be that painful.  Mostly I was out of breath.  Sucked.  Wind.  We were about 26 reps from finishing in the 15 minute time cap.  If it weren’t for the little piece at the end, I am confident we would’ve placed top 3.  Oh well!


Workout 4 was a surprise!


For time:  100m partner sled drag (350m)

12.45 seconds

Went head to head with whoever was in the place next to us (I think we were fighting for 5th place) and made easy work of them.


All in all I had an awesome time, and it seemed like everyone else did too.  There were some beasts there.  Stiff competition no doubt.  There were some big names there!  The event was run really well, no hiccups and super smooth transitions.  Seamless.  As with any local competition (and even some bigger ones) we observed some variance in quality of some judging calls, but overall the staff of Offshore CrossFit was nothing but professional and helpful the entire time.  The head judge was also coming around during the hang clean/snatch event and giving technical advice to the lifters.  Solid.  Will definitely be showing up for the next one!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic




No exciting lifts today, so sorry, no videos!  Officially starting to taper for our two person team competition on Saturday!  www.clashofthecossfitters.com

A)  Front Squat 1×5

Wanted 315, got 305 for 1 and shut it down.  Pretty wrecked from GHDs yesterday I think

B)  Strict press 3×5

175×5, 180×5, 135xmax reps…  Got 12 (for funsies)

C)  5 rounds for time of:

Row 250m

Box jump x 30 (24)

14:30 (I think)

Later in the evening did the main class workout at CrossFit Barracks while Jane taught yoga in the other room..

D)  For time:

10 > 1 kettlebell swing (2)

1 > 10 dynamic push up (start on ground, then jump hands out to 45# plates)


Kind of shitty training day to balance out the week of PRs and good performances.  Last part of today was pretty legit though.


A)  Work to heavy hang snatch

225…  Huge PR!

B)  10 rounds for time of:

Hang Power snatch x 2 (135)

Ring dip x ascending (1 first round, 2 2nd round, 3 3rd round etc)

Double-under x 20


Awesome session!  Ready for some halloween festivities tonight



A)  Back squat to heavy set of 5


B)  Back squat 1xMAX @ 75% of today’s heavy 5

Used 275, a little lighter than 75% and did 15 reps.  Probably had another few in me but felt good there

C)  2 sets of Front rack walking lunge x 20ish steps


D)  EMOTM for 20 minutes:

Even mins:  Wall ball shots x 10 (30)

Odd mins:  Toes to bar x 10

All unbroken until last three sets of toes to bar.  Had to break those up for the last few reps.